How to store coffee bean

How to Store Coffee Bean?

There are so many different size, shape, colour, flavour of coffee bean, they all grow in different environments.

The aroma scent comes from the cup of coffee; it is just irresistible. Tell me, how not to fall in love with coffee?

The most well-known coffee bean comes from the Arabica coffee bean and Robusta coffee bean. These two types of coffee beans are considered as “high-standard” type of coffee bean.

Compared between two, Arabica coffee bean are more low-yield plants, and is hard to harvest in huge amount in a year. Although it is low-yield, but people are demanding it high.

Therefore, in terms of price, Arabica coffee bean will be slightly expensive compared to Robusta coffee bean.

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Always make sure your coffee bean is fully exposed to the sunlight, if possible. By exposing your coffee bean under the sunlight, it keeps the coffee beans fresh and it will taste as nice as it was freshly produced coffee bean.

Robusta coffee grows in such hot weather, if the temperature is low, it will be difficult to harvest Robusta coffee beans, which means during the end of the year, you will not be seeing Robusta coffee beans as much as the normal period of time.

To conclude, if you want your quality coffee bean taste as fresh as the original taste it must be, your choice is to store your coffee italian coffee dmansara bean under air conditioning, or exposed under the sunlight.

One more advice from me is, instead of looking for ways to store your coffee beans, you can just consider of purchasing the right amount of coffee bean that you need it, instead of buying a whole packet of coffee beans and store in your house.…

Frozen VS Fresh Meat Whats the difference

With the invention of commercial frozen goods, it is simply just beef supplier singapore easy to buy any frozen meat Singapore, from any local hypermarket, supermarket or store. This invention can be dated back in 1924, as the invention of commercial frozen meat was created by Clarence Birdseye. Although many food critics argue that there is a major difference between meats that have been frozen compared to when it is fresh. This applies to all types of meat from seafood, poultry and red meats.

Before explaining further, we must look into the process of freezing. The freezing of an item occurs when it reaches the freezing point of the item. When it is reached to that point, there are chemical and physical reactions of the item. For example, when a liquid reaches its freezing point, it shall change from the liquid form to the solid physical state.

The one component between the argument which is all about frozen vs fresh is the quality of the meat when it is fresh and when it is frozen. As we all know, fresh meat not does guarantee the highest of qualities but we know the quality of meat will be the same before and after the cooking process. As for frozen goods, they say if the meat have been frozen for too long, it will reduce the quality of meat. But all of this depends on what type of meat. If its fish meat, the type of fish matters. Some fish like salmon and tuna are good even when freezing it, as they have a higher fat content, while some other fish like cod may lose moisture when it is frozen. For poultry and beef, many argue that fresh is the best choice, because when it is frozen, little ice crystals form in the meat, making that texture of the meat different when it is defrosted.

To retain at least the quality of meat, the meat has to be thawed before cooking.…

Responsive Web Design For Beginners

Responsive Web Design is a well-known term for all web designers and developers since 2010. It is focused on fitting and adjusting the web design in any screen width according to the appropriate devices such as mobile phone, smartphone, tablets, iPad, and so on because we carry these small size devices along with us all the time, and we can access it quicker than using a laptop and computers. It will allow users to engage with websites and their contents more frequently. The users do not have to struggle with the desktop screen in their smartphone and use the zoom, pan and scroll function to view the content. By using the concept, developers managed to maintain their website better than make designs for every single device.

The mastermind behind this concept is Ethan Marcotte, who is a designer, and he introduced it in 2010. He emphasised that the designers should switch their design methodology to an appropriate restriction by using fluid grids, flexible images and media queries. It became more advanced in terms of developing it even the designers have to learn more about it before getting their hands on it because it is going to be only one website, but it could be compatible and adaptable to a variety of devices without changing the content in it. The only thing that could change in the web is the typography or in another word layout. Other than that, it is more convenient to solve an issue in web design because it is flexible in making the wireframe quickly and easily.

Despite all the pros, there is a con too, which is the cost. It speculated that the process to get the responsive web design done is highly complex, and developers have to invest an amount of money which is not going to be affordable especially to the small web design companies. They might end up without profit. Hence, it is still questionable whether small companies should use it or stick to the adaptive web design that cost much lesser.

The evolution of responsive web design does not just stop there, but it managed to become the second top web design trend by the net magazine in 2012. Since then, it has been the most common thing on the web design Malaysia, and it keeps getting innovative according to the trend.…

How to use gradient in web designs

Gradients have been around for decades. Just like trends in fashion, music and many more, trends come and go. Though people may assume that gradients aren’t in trend anymore, the way it is being used now is different than how it was used back then.

The difference between the past and present is that gradients are more subtle now. Gradients are being chosen based on similar bright colours that blend in nicely together. Compared to a solid,flat colour, gradients adds more depth and visual to the overall look. On top of that, gradients do not need any extra illustration or graphic to be added to it. Plus, creating gradients are super easy and fast to do.

Web designers are able to create unique colours when blending in a few colours together. It is similiar to inventing new shades of colours. However, never use more than 2 colours. Gradients with more than that tend to look unpleasing to the eyes and do not really blend well.

When blending two colours together, it is better to have linear gradient for a square or polygon area. As for round areas, it is best to use a radial gradient. You have to play around with the opacity as well to blend well in the fill areas. For the fill and gradient colour, it is advised to always use separate shapes in order to apply a different colour to the gradient over an existing colour.
In summary, there is no harm using gradients in web designs in this current era. With technology ever changing, designers are always trying to come up with new ways – here comes gradients. Web design Malaysia agencies do practice applying gradients in their web designs, so feel free to contact them at any time. They would be happy to help provide a solution to your needs. …