With the invention of commercial frozen goods, it is simply just beef supplier singapore easy to buy any frozen meat Singapore, from any local hypermarket, supermarket or store. This invention can be dated back in 1924, as the invention of commercial frozen meat was created by Clarence Birdseye. Although many food critics argue that there is a major difference between meats that have been frozen compared to when it is fresh. This applies to all types of meat from seafood, poultry and red meats.

Before explaining further, we must look into the process of freezing. The freezing of an item occurs when it reaches the freezing point of the item. When it is reached to that point, there are chemical and physical reactions of the item. For example, when a liquid reaches its freezing point, it shall change from the liquid form to the solid physical state.

The one component between the argument which is all about frozen vs fresh is the quality of the meat when it is fresh and when it is frozen. As we all know, fresh meat not does guarantee the highest of qualities but we know the quality of meat will be the same before and after the cooking process. As for frozen goods, they say if the meat have been frozen for too long, it will reduce the quality of meat. But all of this depends on what type of meat. If its fish meat, the type of fish matters. Some fish like salmon and tuna are good even when freezing it, as they have a higher fat content, while some other fish like cod may lose moisture when it is frozen. For poultry and beef, many argue that fresh is the best choice, because when it is frozen, little ice crystals form in the meat, making that texture of the meat different when it is defrosted.

To retain at least the quality of meat, the meat has to be thawed before cooking.