How to Store Coffee Bean?

There are so many different size, shape, colour, flavour of coffee bean, they all grow in different environments.

The aroma scent comes from the cup of coffee; it is just irresistible. Tell me, how not to fall in love with coffee?

The most well-known coffee bean comes from the Arabica coffee bean and Robusta coffee bean. These two types of coffee beans are considered as “high-standard” type of coffee bean.

Compared between two, Arabica coffee bean are more low-yield plants, and is hard to harvest in huge amount in a year. Although it is low-yield, but people are demanding it high.

Therefore, in terms of price, Arabica coffee bean will be slightly expensive compared to Robusta coffee bean.

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Always make sure your coffee bean is fully exposed to the sunlight, if possible. By exposing your coffee bean under the sunlight, it keeps the coffee beans fresh and it will taste as nice as it was freshly produced coffee bean.

Robusta coffee grows in such hot weather, if the temperature is low, it will be difficult to harvest Robusta coffee beans, which means during the end of the year, you will not be seeing Robusta coffee beans as much as the normal period of time.

To conclude, if you want your quality coffee bean taste as fresh as the original taste it must be, your choice is to store your coffee italian coffee dmansara bean under air conditioning, or exposed under the sunlight.

One more advice from me is, instead of looking for ways to store your coffee beans, you can just consider of purchasing the right amount of coffee bean that you need it, instead of buying a whole packet of coffee beans and store in your house.