Responsive Web Design is a well-known term for all web designers and developers since 2010. It is focused on fitting and adjusting the web design in any screen width according to the appropriate devices such as mobile phone, smartphone, tablets, iPad, and so on because we carry these small size devices along with us all the time, and we can access it quicker than using a laptop and computers. It will allow users to engage with websites and their contents more frequently. The users do not have to struggle with the desktop screen in their smartphone and use the zoom, pan and scroll function to view the content. By using the concept, developers managed to maintain their website better than make designs for every single device.

The mastermind behind this concept is Ethan Marcotte, who is a designer, and he introduced it in 2010. He emphasised that the designers should switch their design methodology to an appropriate restriction by using fluid grids, flexible images and media queries. It became more advanced in terms of developing it even the designers have to learn more about it before getting their hands on it because it is going to be only one website, but it could be compatible and adaptable to a variety of devices without changing the content in it. The only thing that could change in the web is the typography or in another word layout. Other than that, it is more convenient to solve an issue in web design because it is flexible in making the wireframe quickly and easily.

Despite all the pros, there is a con too, which is the cost. It speculated that the process to get the responsive web design done is highly complex, and developers have to invest an amount of money which is not going to be affordable especially to the small web design companies. They might end up without profit. Hence, it is still questionable whether small companies should use it or stick to the adaptive web design that cost much lesser.

The evolution of responsive web design does not just stop there, but it managed to become the second top web design trend by the net magazine in 2012. Since then, it has been the most common thing on the web design Malaysia, and it keeps getting innovative according to the trend.