Gradients have been around for decades. Just like trends in fashion, music and many more, trends come and go. Though people may assume that gradients aren’t in trend anymore, the way it is being used now is different than how it was used back then.

The difference between the past and present is that gradients are more subtle now. Gradients are being chosen based on similar bright colours that blend in nicely together. Compared to a solid,flat colour, gradients adds more depth and visual to the overall look. On top of that, gradients do not need any extra illustration or graphic to be added to it. Plus, creating gradients are super easy and fast to do.

Web designers are able to create unique colours when blending in a few colours together. It is similiar to inventing new shades of colours. However, never use more than 2 colours. Gradients with more than that tend to look unpleasing to the eyes and do not really blend well.

When blending two colours together, it is better to have linear gradient for a square or polygon area. As for round areas, it is best to use a radial gradient. You have to play around with the opacity as well to blend well in the fill areas. For the fill and gradient colour, it is advised to always use separate shapes in order to apply a different colour to the gradient over an existing colour.
In summary, there is no harm using gradients in web designs in this current era. With technology ever changing, designers are always trying to come up with new ways – here comes gradients. Web design Malaysia agencies do practice applying gradients in their web designs, so feel free to contact them at any time. They would be happy to help provide a solution to your needs. …